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Malibu; Where Memories Are Made


Malibu, California where memories are made.  Malibu is a place like no other.  The beauty of its beaches and inland flora and fauna, and the promise of warm, sunny days lure visitors year-round and make residents proud to live here.  It is a place to see and a place to play.  It’s a place where old memories are kept – and new ones are always being made.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why Malibu has an irresistible charm.  Its rugged, rural beauty is unsurpassed and its wide, sandy beaches captivate  residents and visitors alike with pristine ocean views.  The Malibu Chamber of Commerce invites you to explore Malibu, and we know that once you’re here, you will see just how special Malibu truly is.

Malibu is a closely-knit residential community characterized by its carefully preserved rural atmosphere.  Malibu’s combined incorporated and unincorporated areas cover approximately 45,000 acres, is 27 miles long and one to eight miles wide.  With these boundaries are a variety of climates and terrain including beaches, mesas, and canyons that create a unique environment.  The population is approximately 13,000.

There’s Much More to Malibu then the City Itself

When people talk about Malibu, they’re often referring to much more than the city itself- they’re talking about the beautiful coast, which encompasses 27 miles and all of the nature, history, and recreational opportunities that go along with a visit here.  As a visitor, here are a few things you’ll want to know about the Malibu area.

There’s History Everywhere

pch malibu 2014 beautifulHistory abounds in Malibu, which was originally settled by the Chumash Native Americans, whose territory extended loosely from the San Joaquin Valley to San Luis Obispo to Malibu, as well as several island off the southern coast of California.  They named it :Humaliwo” or “the surf sounds loudly.”

Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo is believed to have moored at Malibu Lagoon, at the mouth of Malibu Creek, to obtain fresh water in 1542.  The Spanish presence returned with the California mission system, and the area was part of Rancho Topanga Malibu Sequit – a 13,000-acre land grant – in 1802.  That ranch passed intact to Frederick Hastings Rindge in 1891.  he and his widow, Rhoda may Rindge, guarded their privacy zealously by hiring guards to evict all trespassers and fighting a lengthy court battle to prevent the building of Southern Pacific railroad line.

Few roads even entered the area before 1929, when the state won another court case and built what is now knows as the Pacific coast Highway.  By then, May Rindge was forced to subdivide her property and begin selling and leasing lots. The Rindge house, known as the Adamson House (a National Register of Historic Places site and California Historical Landmark), is now part of Malibu Creek  State Park and is situated between Malibu Lagoon State Beach and Surfrider Beach, beside the Malibu Pier that was originally built for the family yacht.

In 1926, in an effort to avoid selling land to stave off insolvency, Rhoda May Rindge created a small ceramic tile factory.  At its height, Malibu Potteries employed over 100 workers, and produced decorative tiles which furnished many Los Angeles-area public buildings and Beverly Hills residences.

Malibu Colony was one of the first areas inhabited after Malibu was opened to the public in 1929 and it is one of Malibu’s most famous districts.  It is Pacific Coast Highway, west of Malibu Lagoon State Beach, and east of Malibu Bluffs Park (formerly a state park).  Initially, May Rindge kept control of Malibu Beach, allowing a few wealthy Hollywood stars to build vacation homes.  Nearly a decade later, money woes forced Rindge to sell the land, and the colony was born.  Long knows as a popular private enclave for wealthy celebrities, the Malibu Colony today is a gated community, with multi-million dollar homes on small lots.

The Weather is Awesome

sunny days, malibu fun beachYou’ll need your sunscreen because the weather here is bright and beautiful even when it’s cold outside.  January-April weather averages in the 60’s with possible rain.  However, May usually brings beauty in the daytime, (although) we sometimes have ‘May Gray’) going into 40-50 degrees in evening.

A sweatshirt or a light jacket will usually cover your needs.  In June, residents call it ‘June Gloom,’ because of the normal fog that rolls in & out throughout the month.  June usually averages 66 degrees in the day and 56 degrees in the evening.

Average daily highs top 70 degrees Fahrenheit from July through October putting October as one of the best months to have a wedding outside in Malibu, (according to records of the National Weather Service and Malibu Chamber of Commerce).

The Beaches are Awesome too!

The area’s beaches are large and family-friendly with ample opportunities for surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and other recreational activities.  The beaches of Malibu are well regarded locally.  For example, Zuma Beach is a pristine family -friendly beach with plenty of parking, beach cafes to purchase food.  and clean bathrooms and shower facilities.  There are also plenty of lifeguards with watchful eyes on the waters, ensuring everyone’s safety.

The surrounding areas beautiful & serene and it is nearly impossible not to feel at peace when sitting in a beach chair, watching children play.  The long waves of Surfrider Beach, adjacent to the Adamson’s House and Malibu Lagoon, draw a steady beach and surfer crowd.

There’s Fun Here for Everybody

Family fun is available in Malibu, from Malibu Pier fishing and whale watching boat rides, to volleyball on the beach.  Check out our “Weekend Getaways in Malibu” on page 33 to plan where you want to take the family when you’re not lounging at one of the area’s many beaches.

You Might See Celebrities

Malibu is adjacent and west of Hollywood.  Many celebrities call Malibu home, so we try to guard their privacy and let them enjoy this beautiful area they’ve chosen to reside in.  Malibu has been used as a location or setting for many films, television programs, and music videos.  Surfrider Beach was home to Gidget, and other surfing movies in the 1960s.  Charlie’s Angels’ beach house was located in Malibu.  The residence can also be seen in the first scene after the opening theme song of Beach Blanket Bingo.  Important scenes in the Planet of the Apes series were filmed at Point Dume.

For an entire summer during the filing, the scale replica of the Statute of Liberty from the famous closing scene lay buried at the Southern end of Pirate’s Cove.  The hero’s trailer in The Rockford Files was parked by Paradise Cove Pier.  Love American Style and The mod Squad are among many TV series and commercials filmed in Paradise Cove.  In the 2008 movie Iron Man, Tony Stark’s home is located in Malibu.  Malibu is setting for the television series Two and a Half men.  Fictional teen star Hannah Montana/Miley Steward (Miley Cyrus) and her father Robbie Ray Steward (portrayed by Billy Ray Cyrus) live in Malibu on the Disney Channel Original Series.

Article courtesy of Malibu Chamber of Commerce








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