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Malibu, A Wonderful Place to Simply Be


by Jennifer Gammons-Mujica

Destination — Malibu! I was on a mother-daughter vacation — an escape from the neon lights of Las Vegas casinos and the crowded shopping centers of Sin City.  We were ready to leave the dry desert air for the ocean side tranquility of the Malibu Coast.

I knew tranquility would be a lofty goal as my preteen girls blasted music, and we sang at the top of our lungs.  We pulled up the steep driveway to the Malibu Country Inn.  I was admiring the quaint beauty of the historic inn nestled in the hillside, when my “Vegas Babies” scream, “Mom, what is this place?  Is this our hotel?  I don’t like it!  Where’s the hotel?  This is a hotel!”

My Vegas children have obviously attended too many birthday parties at Mandalay Bay’s  “Wave” pool and stay-cations at Downtown “Old Vegas” hotels like the Golden Nugget.  Every hotel should be a mega resort.  They had no idea what beautiful experiences were offered by a smaller community like Malibu. Their world was about to change forever.

My hope was simply to enjoy Malibu.  No trips to Disneyland or Lego land.  I was blessed with the gift of LIFE.  At the end of 2012, I survived a brain aneurysm and severe infection after brain surgery that left me on bed rest for several months.  I came to Malibu to relax and continue healing, enjoy the ocean and eat great food.  Despite the comforts of the Malibu Country Inn… I knew more experience awaited us.

On our second day we ventured into Malibu.  We enjoyed playground fun at the Country Mart and found Howdy’s Taqueria for dinner.  I am an advocate of “Organic Living” and was ecstatic to find Howdy’s!  It soon became a family favorite stopping place.

The Vegas Valley of nearly 2 million people makes me yearn for small town living.  We lingered after dinner in the Malibu Colony Plaza, which had an alluring, almost mystical quality.   Professionals and university students on laptops, artists, students with youthful vitality…coffee and delicious ice cream.  Heaven.    

Days were spent at Point Dume playing on the beach. The yellow flowers were in full bloom offering spectacular hikes and ocean vistas.  We marveled at authentic homes with gardens that have been cultivated for decades.  I was in a tropical ocean paradise.  Relaxation.

Your community was lovely.  One trip to the pet store and I had new dog toys and a list of doggy daycares. The kids enjoyed the Getty Villa.  The tiny movie theater is amazing!   My children  received gifts of flowers to take home to Vegas.  Our Malibu plants are now growing in my desert garden!

Malibu isn’t only an ocean side vacation destination.  It’s a place to LIVE.  A wonderful place to simply BE.  This memorable vacation with my children was a time to celebrate being ALIVE!  We hope to see you again soon.




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