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How do you make money and help change the world?

LovEarth is a brand new company conceived by movie producer and entrepreneur Martin Dunkerton. An online platform with 20,000 products, LovEarth is an entertainment plus grocery superstore similar to Netflix, Amazon, Costco, and Whole Foods, but with a unique social network. The difference is that LovEarth gifts 66% of its profits to charities, artists and anyone around the world.

According to Martin, “ is a Godsend for many causes.” LovEarth’s tagline is: “Save the World. Get Paid.”

LovEarth, a privately owned company, is part of a huge tide of businesses that are ‘changing course’ and giving their profits backjune:july cover 2015 to humanity because most people wish for a world where our children can thrive and be happy.

Martin points out, “We all know that terrible suffering exists – most of us feel helpless. I believe with this kind of business model our children will literally have a much better chance of survival and everyone wins. Others are feeling this too! I just saw a cool site recently called Love Today and said to myself, ‘Thank God’ for entrepreneurs who are on the same page.” Martin is confident that will grow into a multi-million dollar success story that will gift millions of dollars to charitable causes, artists and LovEarth affiliates globally.

Martin feels very fortunate to have made a movie called “Awaken Your Riches” allowing him unique access to some enlightened millionaires and billionaires who were inspired by Napoleon Hill’s famous book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “One Minute Millionaire,” also became a movie investor in “Awaken Your Riches.” The movie is due to be officially released in China and the USA in early 2016.

Martin used all the entrepreneurial principles he learned to create and realized that these same principles could be observed in nature.  Martin explains, “The infinite model of mother nature is my inspiration. Divine law is similar to ‘Karma’ or Emerson’s ‘Law of Compensation’ – to give and receive. A flower draws from the sun, earth, air, water, fire, and spirit. And so do we. Bees pollinate and that’s the principle behind how millionaires become rich. Enlightened wealth creators also give and receive. This is the business model of LoveEarth.” He adds, “LovEarth’s affiliates are our true ‘shareholders.’ It’s all about shopping dollars – and a simple shift to our superstore that gives back. It is beautiful.”

Dunkerton was educated at the Royal College of Art where he received his MA in Film. In addition to martin 4completing the movie “Awaken Your Riches,” he has republished “Think and Grow Rich” with a division of Simon and Schuster as a co-venture with LovEarth.

Causes and artists are given their own website on LovEarth for free, something that would ordinarily cost about $2,500. According to Dunkerton, “We can help causes look good and give them a free platform so anyone around the world can shop via their page. We gift 66% of the gross profits on 2 affiliate tiers 33%-33%, so we’re a free money-making machine for them.”

“We just worked with Hollywood actor Andrew Keegan and brought his amazing church “FULL CIRCLE” onto LovEarth. Andrew is an example of how celebrity power and causes are a potent mix, as we can support his cause via our 20,000 products. Right now we’re creating a LovEarth web presence for rock stars, actors, film-makers, directors, producers, and some amazing authors,” Martin adds.

Imagine, every time you go online shopping, you’re helping children, protecting dolphins, the oceans, rainforests, supporting war veterans, empowering women, planting trees, caring for teens with sickle cell disease, all while shopping for the products you love! Martin states, “I believe the gap between rich and poor just got smaller with the birth of For example, if you choose to shop via a war veteran charity on LovEarth, you’re supporting those who have served their nation with every purchase you make.”

LovEarth expects to attract affiliates from around the world. Because payments are automated, everything is transparent and all affiliates can track every sale and know the amount they are to receive each and every month. Every affiliate globally has 24/7 access.

It hasn’t always been easy for Martin as he explains, “I was a key-note speaker in Malaysia with the martinNapoleon Hill Foundation’s World Conference on “Think and Grow Rich” to an audience of over a thousand people that included the King. We screened the director’s cut of our movie “Awaken Your Riches” and it was the ‘crown jewel’ of the event and a huge success, receiving rapturous applause. One woman came up to me and whispered in my ear, “I was thinking of committing suicide and your movie has given me hope.” Unbeknown to Martin and his fellow producers in the USA, their distributor stole all their money to pay his debts. In the process, Martin nearly lost the rights to his own film. He found himself without a dime. Suddenly, after the Malaysian premiere, he was homeless on Venice Beach.  He prayed to the Divine, God, Infinite Intelligence – and received an answer: “If you gift 33% of your profits back to the Earth, back to humanity, you’ll be okay… you won’t be homeless any more.” The very next morning Martin went into a meeting with an environmentalist.  Martin suggested that if he wanted to support a fledgling idea for a website, he could secure his advertising spot with a 50% deposit on a future entertainment website called LovEarth that gifted 33% of its profits back to the earth. He did and Martin wasn’t homeless again. Martin sold another ad spot at an entrepreneurial conference a week later, and soon afterwards got two significant investments in “Awaken Your Riches.” They claimed and won their rights back, and LovEarth as an idea was born. Just 12 days after being homeless on Venice beach, Leonardo DiCaprio’s media team agreed to help build the first draft website of”

Martin says of his team, “Steve Wolk is our chief tech genius. He put the first Apple Mac into space with NASA and Apple Mac. Steve Huntsman is our new President, Toni O’Bryan our COO and Daniel Fingerhut is our Executive Director for LoveCourses, a series on health, spirituality, love and much more. It’s an amazing team.”

They have been supporting charities like Janee Markland’s new cause that in time will become a fully-fledged charity called “Sickle Kids Care,” which will help children who have lost their parents to sickle cell disease.

Martin has personally invested over a quarter of a million dollars into LovEarth and it is expanding into 2amazing areas. With “Awaken Your Riches” launching in 2016 they have lots to look forward to and much to treasure right now. They’re creating a global prosperity day along with their movie, and have co-ventured with a division of Simon & Schuster called Beyond Words, republishing “THINK AND GROW RICH.” “In fact, we loved the Beyond Words catalogue so much, we completely integrated their 500+ products onto our LovEarth platform,” says Martin. LovEarth ‘beta launched’ on April 22, 2015, Earth Day, and is currently uploading two Serendipity produced TV shows – “STAR SPIRIT SHOW” and “AWAKEN YOUR RICHES SHOW.”

Martin is now talking with several large funders to help bring 250,000 products for sale on, and is also raising $100,000 on “We$hareCrowdFunding.” According to Martin, “This is a superb short-term fundraising platform, where anyone can team up with LovEarth, plus you can create your own platform for funding.”


And in this June/July edition of the Malibu Chronicle they launch LovEarth to 120,000+ people. Please visit and shop for 20,000+ products, also learn how to make money and receive your organic groceries for free:

If you too become an affiliate on LovEarth, please use our above (parent) link, for who referred you – thank you.


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