All Good News


Malibu Chronicle is an “All Good News” web source magazine. Our mission is to regularly bring you inspirational,
educational and spiritual articles from a wide variety of writers. We also want to take your thoughts
and share it with other readers. If you have something special to say we want to help spread the word
and connect with your fellow human beings for mutual benefit, growth and evolution. We do not want
to focus on local everyday news because the news that connects the hearts is eternal and universal. It
does not get old the next day, it lives on forever and connects everyone around the globe. Our mission
is to connect all humanity around the world with “All Good News” because if it hold true here, it is true
anywhere and everywhere. Through this wonderful paper we have a voice and we want to share this
stage with other artists to give them voice too.


Through Malibu Chronicle we want to share the “Good News” with everyone in Malibu, our neighboring
cities, states and then countries. Our content is relevant to anyone everywhere in the world because we
focus on eternal happy news. That is why going to internet was so important. This is a vehicle through
which we spread the good spiritual, education and inspirational messages with each other. If you want
to be inspired or elated, read Malibu Chronicle. If you want to know what to do in Malibu, click on
Malibu Chronicle and if you want to tell the world what you do, tell Malibu Chronicle and we will do the
rest to get your word out. We envision our “All Good News” web source to very soon become the source of
choice for anyone around the world who wants to connect with Malibu for any reason be it inspiration,
spiritual or trade.