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veera-rahul2 This was my first experience at being part of any pageant. I am glad that I was asked to participate because I probably would have never volunteered on my own.

Thanks to JS Bedi, reporter at India post for nominating me and Virge
Last night, I won Mrs. Asia California and, I won Miss Photogenic.  I feel blessed to have had this experience.  I am still learning how to let go of my inner fears and tell my stories freely.  I had the opportunity to share with the judges;  my stories and dreams, my struggles and accomplishments with prides  and I did not share them. I hesitated.  This is my journey and I am learning my lessons as I go. I am sometimes surprised at my own strengths and also when I find and face my own weaknesses. Some make me shine and some do make me cry. I am learning that it is okay to grieve. This is part of being human! I am learning not to judge myself for my shortcomings or discomforts but use them for lessons to keep improving and making my life better from here on. I want to thank Virgelia Villegas, producer of the pageant for inviting me in the pageant.  Their faith and support kept me going till the end.

This was a fun night for me. I let myself dance and be in the glamour world.  I am so busy in building my new life, business and I have just started school again. I am studying Spiritual Psychology at USM.

The best part of the pageant for me was that I was able to wear my son Rahul’s first design as my evening gown in the competition. I am also very excited that my mom, both my sons (Kunal and Rahul) and young Nancy (my mentee ) were there to support me along with all my friends from LA and some friends who traveled from Michigan.  I am truly blessed by their love .  My dear friend Gordon Bahn who helped me look beautiful (hair and makeup artist)  helped me stay focused and calm through the two day competition process.

I learned a lot from our coaching team Joey, Alfredo and Tommy.  I had a great time with my fellow delegates and made some new friends. I enjoyed our every Sunday rehearsals but I am glad they are over so I can get back to work and homework from school. I just started my MA in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica and I have a lot of homework piled up because I was so busy with the pageant.

I know my Malibu Chronicle team is waiting to have me back full time again. I am committed to bringing out our Holiday season glossy print magazine.  This will be a quarterly magazine that means we keep pushing this issue for 3 months. What a deal for the advertisers!! Anyone who would like to place ads in the print magazine please contact me at  In the end I am a dedicated business woman! Please call me, let’s talk about the possibilities!

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