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Open Spaces


Article courtesy of Malibu Coastal Vision and the City of Malibu


Plentiful open space areas and attractive recreation facilities contribute greatly to Malibu’s unique quality of life.  Because of the rural nature of the City, its public spaces are often used as focal points for the City’s civic activities.

Point_Dume_ClimbingMalibu shares in the protected open spaces of the 154,095-acre Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, along with more than 4,000 acres of State Parks and surrounding wilderness.  The Point Dume State Preserve adds additional beach-adjacent hillside areas.  The City purchased Malibu Bluffs Park in 2006, along wit the so-called “Chili Cool-off field” – now named Legacy Park – thereby protecting over 25 acres of additional wild space and trails at the base of Malibu Canyon.  The Las Flores Creek Restoration Project, the Las Flores Park Project and Trancas Canyon park align the City with community groups to preserve and improve Malibu’s open spaces.

Within the City limits, 1,870 acres – 14.9 percent of total – are allocated for public open space, the third most prevalent type of land use in Malibu.  Of that, 744 acres are reserved for regional and local parks.  There are another 7,578 acres of – 60-4 perfect of total – of undeveloped land on private property protected by building restrictions.


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