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When Malibu’s first overseas tourist arrived in 1542, Juan Cabrillo must have been impressed by the beauty of the scene  he beheld; the graceful roll of the waves, the glimmering white sand beaches, the call of thousands of sea birds in the peaceful lagoon, all framed by the steeply rising mountain peaks beyond.

Mike Cimorelli Photography
Mike Cimorelli Photography

Today, 471 years later, Cabrillo would be pleased to know that the picturesque spot he discovered went on to become one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world – a thriving community by the sea renowned for its culture of surf, sand, sun and Hollywood Stars.

As Mark Persson, Executive Director of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce points out, “For years people have been seduced by the name, Malibu.”  Movie and television shows have been made about it.  There’s a car named after it.  There’s even a Barbie doll named after it!   But what people may not realize is that Malibu is also a community, and true Malibuites celebrate their town.  They know what a wonderful place this is to live in and raise their families – not in an entitled, exclusive way, but in a way that builds real personal relationships.  Their children go to school here, and they shop locally.  They care about Malibu’s environment – the ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains are their back yards.  Our citizens frequent those businesses in Malibu who feel the same.

Founded in 1948 with a charter membership of 12 local businesses, the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Persson says proudly, “Malibu Chamber of Commerce has grown into a dynamic organization with growing membership.” “Our Chamber provides us the opportunity to come together to form mutually beneficial partnerships based on relationship building, communication and problem solving,” says Chairman Christine Hameline.  “Together, we are taking an active role in building the future of Malibu.”

28690_386687883403_5375934_n[1]The fact is there’s a lot more to Malibu than learning how to shoot the curl, stuff a wild bikini, or visit the spot where Jim Rockford (James Garner) parked his trailer.  Certainly the city is renowned for its 27 miles of beaches and its world famous colony, but it is also a district that reaches all the way to the San Fernando Valley and the Ventura County line.

Malibu is home to one of the best educational institutions in the country – Pepperdine University.  There are fine dining establishment such as Nikita, Geoffrey’s, and the Saddlepeak Lodge.  But there are also the myriads shopping venues that are necessary to support any bustling community: the laundries, hardware stores, gas stations, realtors, markets, etc.  That’s the combination that makes Malibu a real community and not just the star of a hundred movies and TV shows.

article courtesy of Malibu Chamber of Commerce



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