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Publisher and Editor Veera Mahajan
 Editor   Susan Hardie
Copy Editor – Print Hermine Hilton/ F.T. Frank
Director of Operations JC Cadena
Writers Tommy Hawkins

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JC Cadena

Veera Mahajan

Marcus Amick

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Team Photographer Alberto Santillan
 Sales & Marketing Director  Dawn McCarthy
Graphic Design Antoni Pham
Rahul Mahajan
Business Development Steven D. Doolittle
Sales Representative Kimber Sax,Susan Hardie
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Veera Mahajan


Veera Mahajan is the owner and publisher of Malibu Chronicle publication. She is a business woman, a writer and a mother of two sons, Kunal and Rahul. Veera is a philanthropist and an active volunteer for awareness of and fight against Domestic Violence. She has run Marathons and climbed stairs to raise funds for cancer and lung associations.  During years of experience in the corporate world, she has started, built, bought, merged, managed and sold businesses. Veera is an entrepreneur through and though. She sees opportunities in adversities and loves making friends where ever she goes. She is good to people and people have been good to her. Veera likes to take life by the horns and enjoy the ride. She deals with the hard times with courage but does not waste any good times.  Her favorite books are self-help books and biographies. Even though she learns from life everyday she believes in learning what to do from who have done it right and what not to do from the ones who did it wrong. “Why re-invent the wheel when you can take what is already available and put your efforts on improving it.  ”Veera has a B.S in computer science. She likes to read, write, run, hike, yoga and dance.

JC Cadena

JC head shot

JC Cadena received a bachelor’s degree in Communications from George Mason University in Virginia.  Her expertise is in operations and administration in a corporate environment and entertainment industry. She is highly motivated, detail oriented professional with exceptional leadership and team building skills.

To unwind JC spends her weekends hiking with her dogs.  She loves to spend time at the beach and on horseback to regain her center.

Dawn McCarthy

Dawn HS

Dawn McCarthy of It’s a Glam Thing is best known as a TV personality & Brand Ambassador presenting Morning TV news segments throughout the US. Using her creative edge, she has the ability to put together stellar beauty and lifestyle segments that audiences love. Dawn has over 20 years marketing and sales experience.

She walks the trade show floors, attends Hollywood events, interviews industry insiders and more to bring audiences the best of the best products and services out there. Dawn resides in Agoura Hills, CA.

Steven D. Doolittle

dewpixSteven utilizes the collective talents of its company’s principals and the resources in order to create, develop, aid and produce key business opportunities. Steven has over 25 years of experience in production, development, distribution, as well as utilizing the Internet for exposure and Marketing purposes.  Directing on websites, e-commerce, product production development, and constant messaging is his major focus.

Today he promotes individuals, businesses, companies, and not for profit organizations from all industries.