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Out side my comfort zone

photo 2I had held on to the fear of water for most of my life till now. I let the fear grow with time. Till one day couple months ago, I gave in to my friend Tony Stern’s, Radfish, offer to teach me how to paddle board.  Of course he agreed to teach me how to swim before I agreed to go on the ocean.  I am so excited that because of his support I gather enough courage to try something else to push my limits and fears a little farther away.  I met a new friend Gisele Lubsen, an amazing underwater photographer.  Last week I did something I had never dreamt of doing.  I spent four hours doing an underwater photoshoot with her at the Tivoli Cove pool.  Randy (Manager) at Tivoli Cove is another friend who has helped me though this process of  trying to shed this fear of water that I have carried for ever. Randy allowed me to go swim there and he allowed me to do the photoshoot in the safety of the known pool.  I started my life in Malibu at Tivoli Cove. I lived there for my first 6 months in Malibu.

I am thankful to my friends who have been there with me though this part of my growth.


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