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Peace and Forgiveness

Peace is not just a state of mind. Peace is not just an attitude.  Peace is not a commodity that can be purchased for a piece of silver. Peace is a philosophy.

Peace is the total understanding, total tolerance, and total love of all that surrounds you. If you understand and appreciate what is happening without resentment, even though you disagree, and if you tolerate the actions of others, find positive qualities in their mistakes, you will be much closer to peace.

Peace is not the renunciation of the spirit in any one situation. For even in a peaceful state it is healthy to question. Itveera is also necessary to see the other side of the coin, and understand that if a situation is not suitable for us, our situation may not be suitable for another; yet either situation may be suitable in its proper respect.

Peace is found in loving that which is around us, not blindly or thoughtlessly, but with the full realization that it has value and is there for a reason, that it spiritually fits, that it is part of us and our world.

Our life moments and experiences are here to teach us something. Life is a string of good and difficult experiences. If we pay close attention and keep an open mind, even the difficult situations that hurt us can also teach us important lessons that we may not have learned otherwise. These may be the lessons we value the most when we look back.

Peace is another name for forgiveness. Some think forgiveness means we have to condone bad behavior or that we have to forgive and be friends with the person who has hurt us. Although it is sometimes possible to forgive and reconcile, peace and forgiveness means to find a way so that a difficult situation or person does not hurt our present or future. We must find a way to forgive the one who hurt us but we must not forget so we do not let them ever take our peace again. If we know a person or a situation is harmful for our peace, we have to forgive and move forward without that person. We do not have to see that person again. This decision is okay to keep peace in our life. It is our responsibility to keep our lives happy and peaceful.





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