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Prem Rawat: A Bridge to Peace


Prem Rawat and The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF)

“The Foundation is intrinsically dedicated to peace. Non-political and non-denominational, Prem is invited to speak at international forums throughout the world about the possibility of peace. He has dedicated his life to this purpose.”

His speech at Kensington Palace:  A Bridge to Peace

Prem Rawat focused his speech on personal responsibility for peace, from which peace in society flows: “We have to be the foundations of peace. The peace that I talk about is not just absence of war.” He went on to say, “When I talk about peace, I’m talking about individual, inner peace. Social peace will follow only when individual peace establishes itself…. That peace resides in the heart of every single human being.”

He invited the audience to be an active part of peace in society, saying: “I’m just one person. And that’s why I know I need to inspire as many people as possible—as all of you can, being in the positions that you are in. When I say it would be nice to have peace on this earth, this is not a personal taste I would like around me. No. I think it will benefit everyone.”

Prem Rawat has traveled internationally for more than forty years, addressing audiences large and small about the possibility of inner peace.

My work,” he says, “is to reach out to people and introduce them to a possibility of peace that lies within each one of them. I hope that finding that peace will provide them with a more complete and balanced life and that they can find the inner joy that so many look for on the outside.” TPRF helps to make Prem Rawat’s message of peace widely available by sponsoring some of his addresses and developing Peace Education Programs.

When people are in need of essentials like food and water, TPRF partners with local and international organizations to help provide the needed aid directly and efficiently. The aim is to give people a second chance in life while respecting their dignity and their local culture. As Prem Rawat expresses it, “Our objective is to help people through the rough times without interfering with the beautiful things that exist in their culture, their beliefs, or their religion. When we offer a hand of help, it is on equal ground, with respect for each person as a human being.”

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