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Preparing to celebrate Easter with my little nephew and niece



It has been a long time when we use to do easter egg hunt with my boys (Kunal and Rahul). They are all grown now. Even though they will be home I think we will probably enjoy a lot of eating with them and not the egg hunt. I miss it. So, I am so excited that my little nephew Justin and niece  Bianca will be visiting us.

I am planning on hiding a lot of fun stuff and of course chocolate eggs for their fun exploration and gifts. I remember I use to start the egg hunt with easter baskets in front of their bedroom doors. They would wake up and pick up their baskets and the hunt started from then on. We use to go through the whole house with little clues and they would be so excited to keep following the trail till they collected everything. I remember their beautiful happy sleepy little faces when they were done.

I am planning on creating the similar experience for my nephew and niece. I am sure my sons will love to follow them. This will bring a lot of good memories to life again.

I use to love playing with my boys. They are all grown now but they are still my boys and I am so glad and blessed to have had all those wonderful times with the.

Happy Easter everyone!



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