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by Jennifer Gammons-Mujica

Mark Sisson trains everyone from average Jills and Joes to world class athletes and helps people  achieve optimal fitness at any age.  The core principles of Primal Blueprint Fitness are surprisingly practical, easy-to-use and fun for anyone who wants to reach optimal wellness.

paddleboardingmarkBefore we talk exercise, Mark Sisson, Founder of Malibu-based Primal Blueprint, points out a key fact about achieving optimal fitness:  “80% of body composition comes from how you manipulate hormones and gene expression.  You cannot exercise away a bad diet.”  Catch up on Primal Nutrition by reading the article “Eating Primally” in the December/January 2015 issue of Malibu Chronicle (

I had a rare opportunity to sit down with Mark Sisson to learn everything “Primal.” The 1.5 hour interview probably stretched the limits of his rule about avoiding long sedentary activity!    Primal Fitness is about movement.  Frequent, daily, low intensity movements with brief intense workouts to build strength, speed and power.

Is Mark saying to cut back on long, high intensity daily workouts?  Basically, yes!  Running a 10K or biking 60 miles occasionally is outstanding, but Mark warns of a serious problem he calls  “Chronic Cardio.”

Mark Sisson explains, “Unfortunately, many devoted fitness enthusiasts engage in a pattern of overly stressful aerobic workouts that are too long, too hard, and conducted too frequently with insufficient rest.  This approach — what I refer to as Chronic Cardio — leads to fatigue, suppressed immune function, injury, failed weight loss efforts and burnout among what should be considered the healthiest and fittest modern humans.”  (excerpt from The Primal Blueprint’s 21 Day Total Body Transformation).

Primal Blueprint Fitness is designed to make you a fat burning beast.  The Primal lifestyle reprograms genes to be efficient at deriving most of your energy from stored body fat and less and less from carbohydrates.

primalThe goal is to reach your ideal body composition.  What exactly does this mean?  Mark explains, “It’s the point where your body is comfortable with the amount of muscle mass and fat you have, to the point fat is not making you sick, impeding mobility or causing excessive inflammation.”

Phase 1 of “Going Primal” is at least three weeks of following the Primal nutrition plan which focuses on cutting back on sugar, carbs and grains.  A complete guide to Primal Nutrition with shopping lists and daily meal plans is offered in The Primal Blueprint’s 21 Day Total Body Transformation, the second book in a series of seven books written by Mark Sisson.

Now you are ready to begin Primal Fitness training.  “The truth is,” explains Mark, “once you have the diet dialed in, it doesn’t require much time in the gym to become really, really fit.”

Primal Blueprint Fitness:  3 Key Actions — Move, Lift and Sprint!

Daily and Frequent Low Intensity Movement
Primal living helps us step out of the sedentary lifestyle of today’s modern world — sitting behind computers and tablets, business trips, long commutes, etc.  On a daily basis enjoy a brief morning walk or hike, take frequent office breaks for a stroll in the sunshine and (if you own a dog) take your dog on a short walk before you head into the house for dinner and rest.  Simply…keep moving.  Practice this low intensity activity at least 2 – 5 times per week.

Brief Intense Workouts
Primal Essential Movements involve brief intense sessions of full body function movements.  Mark Sisson provides specific exercises done at a progressive pace.  These PEM’s build strength and endurance.  Practice PEM’s 1-3 times per week for 7 – 60 minutes each session.

Once every 7-10 days engage in the ultimate Primal workout — sprints.  Sprints can be running, cardio, machines, uphill sprints, swimming…or choose your favorite exercise.  Do a sprint workout once every 7-10 days lasting ten minutes total (6 sprints at 10-30 seconds each with a minute or two rest in between) and always include warm up and cool down.

Mark’s best advice for making your workout achieve results is always have a goal when you exercise.  “Don’t just exercise because you think you should.  Don’t just go to go…have a goal and make it fun!”

Primal Blueprint Fitness stops the aging process.  This expert advice comes from a man who looks and feels 20 years younger than his chronological age.  Mark feels better now than he did in his 20’s.  The Primal Blueprint helps you achieve your personal best in health and fitness at every age!

Coming soon is Primal Woman by Carrie Sisson, which represents the long-awaited female conversation on all matters of primal living.  For more information about The Primal Blueprint and Mark Sisson’s books, supplements and upcoming events, please visit and



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