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The Spirit of Renunciation The Secret to Success!!

The Beauty and Grandeur of human activity is renunciation IN action, not renunciation OF action. – Vedanta Treatise

I feel renunciation is a very miss-understood word.  Most of us get attached to our work or the reward we get from it.  Either we are too busy trying to accumulate or if we do accumulate we stress over trying to maintain what we have.  If the work starts causing us too much stress and we hear that renunciation brings you peace, we may be inclined to  go the other extreme and renounce the work/action in the hopes of finding peace.   Then we get into the worry of not having what we need.

hero-take-actionIronically, true Renunciation means; to not give up the action rather to renounce the need of reward for the action. We do need to do what aught  to be done, just not wonder and worry about what we can get from doing it. Put your complete self in the job you are doing and enjoy every moment of doing it, without any thought for the fruit of the action.  The rewards will come on its own.  The action itself should be the reward. If you give your all to what the action deserves, you will get what you deserve. It might not look like it at the time, but if you step away from it and look from the observer’s perspective, you will see how the universe turns things around to serve you.

If we keep ourselves above the attachments, it will keep us free of worry and anxiety.  If we are only worried about the rewards we get from our actions, we miss the actual action and the joy we could have enjoyed being in the moment of figuring out what we are doing and doing it right.

There is a stern law  about attachments: “Attach you loose, detach you gain”. If you tie a rope around your donkey’s’ neck business-growth-animationand grab hold of  the other end of the rope so that the donkey can’t go anywhere; you can’t go anywhere else either.  You are tying yourself to the donkey. The donkey owns you as much as you own the donkey. You have to let go of the donkey to free yourself.

Best of all is if you choose to live a happy life without attachments, you don’t need to look for anything or anyone that will make you happy.  You already are happy! Most of your sorrows are attached to the wants of something or someone. right?

Have a happy loving day of renunciation working your butt off, and then enjoy the time knowing you did your best!

Do what you have to do without looking for the rewards and live “en-joy” of the action itself.

Be blessed!



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