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Rome wasn’t Built in a Day



-by Manny Bujold

When it comes to health and fitness, one repetitive mistake I often see is that people have unrealistic goals and expectations when it comes to losing weight and getting into shape.  Telling yourself  “I’m going to lose 30 pounds in a month” is not a realistic goal.  You have to remember it took you time to gain weight and get out of shape, and it’s going to take time to lose weight and get back into shape.  There is no real rush to health and fitness, losing weight and getting into shape.  It is about a healthy lifestyle, mentally, physically and emotionally.

In my opinion, the first thing that needs to happen is that you have to throw the word “diet” out of your vocabulary!  The word “diet” to most people implies, “ I’m going to eat healthy for a little while, lose a little bit of weight, feel better about myself, then, I’m going to go back to all of my bad habits and gain all the weight back and then some”.  The word “diet” needs to be erased from your vocabulary and replaced with healthy choices with good eating habits as a lifestyle.

One thing I always tell my clients about eating healthy is, if you have to ask yourself  “is this a good choice to eat?”,  then you probably shouldn’t eat it.  Most people don’t ask themselves if they should have a second piece of grilled chicken, or ask if they should have extra green beans.  But, they will ask themselves about a second helping of cakeor another beer.  If you have to think about it, don’t have it.

The second thing I tell my clients is not to go overboard on workouts at the start -up.  It is counterproductive to work out so hard the first week. You’ll make your self so sore you won’t want to, or can’t work out the following week. Working toward a weight goal and getting in shape is a marathon, not a sprint!  Build yourself up steadily and start off with two or three days a week.  You will get stronger and have more stamina as you build up your conditioning and your strength.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Thirdly, don’t judge and compare your progress or your fitness to anyone else’s.  You are your own person. You should not judge your workout to a previous workout either.  You will have days that are better than others, and you will have days that are worse than others.  As long as you get yourself to the gym, or out to the beach walking, or whatever your workout may be… as long as you are working out, you are making progress.

The hardest part for me sometimes is just walking through the door to the gym.  I like to tell my clients on days they don’t feel like working out, just talk yourself into walking through the door.  It is much easier to get into it once you’ve done that.  Remember, workouts should be fun.  If you are not enjoying yourself, you are not going to go back.  Try to find something that you like about it.  And it doesn’t have to be what anyone else likes.  It only needs to be what you like.

It is not going to be easy BUT it is worth it.


Manny Bujold, owner/chief instructor of Agoura HillsWorld Champion Karate, has been in the Martial Arts and fitness world hisentire life.  Manny has been a trainer/coach for 18 years. 

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