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Say NO to Abuse and L.I.V.E.


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How saying NO works:

VBWhen I say, “Say NO to abuse”, I don’t mean to say the word ‘no’ to the abuser to ask him to stop abusing you or hurting you. You have said no and begged your abuser to stop hurting you many, many times. That obviously has not worked. And that will never work. The only NO that will work is knowing and saying NO toyourself for accepting or allowing the abuse to happen. It is not easy and it might take a long time for it to work, but it will work if you keep saying NO to yourself – and therefore much more strongly now to your abuser – with words and with action. You need to tell yourself and the abuser that NO, you will not accept abuse of any kind at any time and under any conditions. That is the only way for the NO to have a real meaning for you and for the abuser. The surer you are that you will not accept abuse, the stronger you will get in your fight and the weaker you will make the abuser, who will eventually give up and leave you alone.

I know saying NO works because I have been there and it took me years of persistently saying NO and fighting to be free. But, I did it and so can you. I am living a free life now and so will you.


Learning to L.I.V.E. is a powerful book which  helps to recognize the signs of abuse.  Supporting the victim to bravely fly from victim syndrome and land safely on his/her journey and finally L.I.VE.

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