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Setting Fitness Goals and Getting Results

Article & photos by-– Mike Cimorelli Jr.

What is fitness? For many, it is defined as the combined acts of putting the body through physical stress in order to achieve a higher athletic performance level or simply obtain a buff looking body. Unfortunately, for some people it is a glorious COVER_MC_APR.MAY2015memory from their days in high school that is seldom revisited.

Among my favorite aspects of living here in Malibu is the collective “healthy” attitude that I have experienced and observed. Since moving to Malibu in 2010, I have spent several years working in a gym, teaching mixed fitness classes and doing individual personal training.

I constantly push myself.  I am always motivated when I see people work hard and reward themselves. Since a healthy body usually holds a healthy mind and a positive mindset, I believe everyone engaging in healthy eating and an active lifestyle would ultimately lead our planet towards housing happy and more prosperous communities.

About 4 years ago I dropped the word “diet” from my vocabulary and replaced it with lifestyle. I believe that we can achieve our goals with a deeply ingrained interest in daily improvement and sacrifice. Eventually sacrifice becomes easy and usually leads to inspiring others through example. I encourage you to challenge yourself this spring and build a better you.

It is important to avoid biting off more than you can chew! Let’s be real, no one really lasts on a drastic lifestyle change that is inconvenient and difficult. Start this awesome summer out right! Here is my challenge:

Chelsea Thompson1. Set a small, yet attainable goal with a partner that you can achieve in 4 weeks.

2. Workout with your partner and push each other.

3. Measure your results at the end of each week but stay away from the scale until then!

4. Enjoy your result!

I would love to hear your story!

Patrick Otte and Nicole Pollock. Together they combine her culinary experience with his fitness career to make getting in Mike Cimorelli Partner workoutshape just a little more fun without the use of stinky gym equipment. Nicole attended culinary school and uses her skills to create fun, healthy recipes that enhance their active lifestyle. She is the manager at Ollie’s Duck and Dive in Malibu. Patrick played professional soccer in England and Florida and is now a personal trainer in Westlake where he also coaches boy’s soccer. They work hard to stay healthy and athletic. They play even harder.

Firestation 71 familyFiremen: These are 5 of the 15 member Firemen Family at Malibu Fire Station 71. They live, work and workout together several days in a row. Most of them work 24, 48, or 72-hour shifts. The fire station is their second home and fellow firemen their second family.

(L to R clockwise) Medicine Ball Standing: FFS John Baran Jump rope: FFPM Guillermo Gonzalez Kettle ball standing: Captain Chris McKernan Plank: FFPM Fred Gonzalez Push-ups :  FFPM Scott Larue


Mike Cimorelli is a local artist and fitness enthusiast. His passions include: music, writing, and photography while pushing limits and making others smile.

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