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Since I Hung My Hat In Malibu

Veera MAHAJANFive years ago, when I was going through a lot of changes in my life, I was introduced to Malibu. I still lived in Michigan but came to visit my son, Rahul, as often as I could.  Rahul was a student at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing  (FIDM) in downtown LA.  During one of my visits, we decided to drive to Malibu for lunch.  We spent the afternoon at Carbon Beach Inn patio, overlooking the Malibu pier.  It was love at first sight. What is not to love? Been hooked since that day.

A few months later in January of 2011, I decided to hang my hat here and make Malibu my home.  I never looked back.

Malibu and Malibuites have been good to me.  Ever since I moved here I have been happy most of the time.  I distinctly remember one beautiful morning about three months into my temporary move to Tivoli Cove. I woke up and went out for my morning walk on the beach. I felt light hearted and in pure joy.  I remember thinking, “Wow! I have not cried in three months.”  That was the day I decided that I am not here temporarily anymore, “I am here to stay.”  By then I had made some dear friends like Suzie Miller, Tom Alesio, Riley, Paul Ruffman, Gene Ewing, Stan Kazanjian, Charlie DiLorezo and Lisa Tomb.  I loved to hang out with them on Karaoke nights and dance with everyone. I did not feel alone or lonely. Life was good!

Before coming to Malibu, I had been in business all my life.  Three months of vacation was just long enough for me and I had totally enjoyed it in beautiful Malibu. When Paul Ruffman, asked me to buy a partnership in the Malibu Chronicle newspaper, I was already itching to do something new in business.  I had a few ideas going through my head but publishing was not one of them.

I like challenges and publishing seemed like a wonderful new adventure. So, I agreed.  A year later, I bought out Paul’s shares and became the sole owner of the publication. It has been a wonderful ride since then. We grew into a beautiful, bound, glossy print magazine with a spine, and we added an online version .  I love collecting wonderful positive articles, “all good news,”and editorials from everywhere and sharing it with our readers.  It gives me great joy to have a voice and give others  a voice as well. I feel blessed that I have this wonderful vehicle to help good and charitable causes through our publication everyday.


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