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Sounds of Life Becoming Clear

By Jennifer Mujica

Miracles happen in the offices of Hear Clear Hearing Aids as the sounds of life become clear again for patients of audiologist, Iris Stone and Dr. Jerome D. Vener.  One such miracle happened a few weeks ago.

Iris explains, “A man who had recently suffered a stroke was brought into my office.  He was wheelchair bound and paralyzed, unable to speak or move his face.  I fitted him with special hearing aids designed for listening to music.  When he heard music again, his eyes lit up and his face came to life!  It was the first time he had shown any signs of emotional expression since the stroke.  His family was overjoyed to see his vitality.  Everyone was crying, including me!”

“We want to give every one of our patients unhurried care.  And we do!” This sincere and compassionate personal care is the modus operandi that helps all patients at Hear Clear Hearing Aids achieve optimal hearing.  In only two years, Dr. Vener and Iris Stone have expanded their practice to three cities —  Calabasas, West Hills and Camarillo.

iris-stoneDr. Vener is Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at both the David Geffen School of Medicine and the USC School of Medicine.  Dr. Vener and audiologist, Iris Stone, M.A.-C.C.C. offer a unique model and the first program in the area to combine the expertise of a board certified Ear, Nose, and Throat physician, licensed in hearing aid dispensing, and a certified dispensing audiologist.

Advanced technology and personalized treatment plans guarantee that every patient gets the most effective hearing aids for his or her specific needs.   Dr. Stone explains, ” We take the time for a full comprehensive audiology exam that considers the patient’s special lifestyle needs.  We offer the latest technology to meet these needs.  This is why they actually work!”

When you visit Hear Clear Hearing Aids to get your hearing checked, they will do the following:  The audiologist gives you a comprehensive hearing exam.  Then the audiologist will ask questions to learn about your day-to-day lifestyle.   Do you live in a noisy environment?  Do you work with background noise or loud sounds?  Are your grandchildren in the home (which changes sound levels)?  The audiologist also discusses budget and cosmetic needs.   These factors are all considered to find the best hearing aid for each patient.

Education and community resources are available at Hear Clear Hearing Aids for people interested in learning about hearing aids and hearing loss.

Learn more about hearing loss by watching Hear Clear Hearing Aid’s award winning video on hearing loss and hearing aids (go to, and then download your free Guide to Better Hearing.  To discuss your personal situation with an audiologist, please contact their offices today to see how Hear Clear Hearing Aids can help you  —  Calabasas: 818-222-HEAR (4327); Camarillo: 805-388-3334; and West Hills: 818-312-9430

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