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Symbiosis Gathering


Pyramid Eclipse

By Selah Cleopatra@ TheMalibuGypsy


We all are looking for a deeper meaning. The eternal connection to something greater then ourselves.In this big world of possibilities we seek our own personal path to salvation.  We seek our Tribal roots.  We seek sustainable symbiotic transformation within the oneness of humanity.

Sometimes the pressure builds from society’s program. It leads us to feel disconnected from the whole experience called Life.So we gather in big groups, to Celebrate the Creative, Ecstatic Light Energy we sprung forth from.People from all walks of Life transcending together through the use of Music, Live Art, Yoga, Meditation, Laughter, Shamanic Ceremonies, and Love.

The Symbiosis festival was held on Sacred Paiute Reservation Land in Pyramid Lake, NV.  The roughly 2,400 Tribal members are direct descendants of the Northern Paiute people who have occupied the vast areas of the Great Basin for thousands of years. The Paiute people call themselves Numu, or “The People.”Deeply connected to their environment, the Paiutes believed that power (pooha) could reside in any natural object including animals, plants, stones, water and geographical features.Symbiosis festival was so different from other festivals because it brought us in equilibrium with the earth, the Eclipse, and the innate perfection of our global Tribe.Together sending prayers of peace out into the universe.

The music was a tonal meditational experience.  Tipper, Beats Antique, Kaminanda, Paper Diamond, Little Dragon and many more tantalized my mind leaving me with inspiration for the human kind. Everywhere I looked was creativity. Amazing live Art was pouring out of people’s hearts.

Visions by Seth McMahon, Xavi, Devon Harrison, Amanda Sage, and many others brought me into other mysterious worlds of imagination.

Looking back on the festival, I see it was a symbiotic transformation.We all Eclipsed together, and time stopped. For just a few minutes we felt it.

Oneness, Gratitude, and a Glimpse into the future. Living Life as Art.

Enjoying the simplistic connection to the source of creation.

For more information on the Symbiosis Gathering go to:

More information on Pyramid Lake and the Paiute tribe go to:

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