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THE MAGIC OF ‘CONNECTIVITY’ (The Value of a Wave and a Smile)

by Hermine Hilton ‘America’s Memory Motivator’

In the New Year so many of us are thinking about how to make that new 365day gift ahead the best it can possibly be. How we can move forward toward reaching the goals we set for ourselves and how we can achieve happiness within.

Last year at this time I shared with you readers The Magic of Making Memories. This year the message to myself that I’d like again to share is the Magic of ‘Connectivity’.

A connection means; a joining; a relationship between two entities, and in our everyday lives we encounter connections of every sort, in every genre.

Self-Reflection-–-Focusing-on-being-friendly-is-important-to-meAvailable to us are health connections that could very well aid our wellness, there are mental connections that, if made, could aid our memories, geographic connections that could instill a spirit for adventure, historical, mathematic, and all sorts of academic connections. Though many seem inviting, we often don’t acknowledge or take advantage of them and neglect to embrace them.

If you’ve been following my online feature column “About Your Memory” in Malibu Chronicle ( ) you will have learned that the most important key to making your memory work is the  ‘connection’ key.

In order to have a reliable memory you have to know how to make connections within your own thinking from the new to the known.

But did you ever stop to think how very valuable connectivity is without as well as within.

The Human Connection

There are human connections to be made everywhere but, as I said, more often than not we neglect to embrace them. Other than in a business situation or a career promoting opportunity, we rarely appreciate their value.

And yet the spirit and energy that can be derived from all those around us is munificent if we only took the time to notice.

The Value of a Wave and a Smile

As many of you know, who drive Corral Canyon in Malibu, I am often referred to as The Lady On The Mountain, as, in order to keep in shape, I walk up that canyon toward El Nido most days of the week. And it’s really a very tough trek, (and it would be just as tough if I were still 21 and didn’t have a bum leg…..But I’m well over 21 and do have a bum leg…. [that’s why I stop every so often in case you wondered]).

But I couldn’t do it without utilizing the connectivity of strangers.

There isn’t a car, a truck, a motorcycle or a bike that passes that I don’t wave at (weights in hand) and send a smile to. And in an instant I receive a wave and a smile in return that brightens my spirits and lifts me up. For those strangers are like a cheering section that helps me summon up the energy to plod onward, and in so doing those strangers become my friends.

The Zombie Syndrome

How many people do you pass on the street or in the market or shopping each day? Do you avert your eyes and just pass each other like zombies? Why is that? Next time you pass a stranger, instead of averting your eyes, why not try a smile. You’ll probably receive a smile in return. That’s connectivity. That one exchanged gesture can change your whole mood (and theirs too). It creates a wonderful vitality (especially if he’s a handsome hunk or she’s a dish). But don’t limit yourself. Connectivity works with almost everyone. So it doesn’t matter who you share that passing connection with. Humankind is made up of all sorts. Whether skinnies or fatties, wrinkled or dimpled, hairy or bald, abled or disabled, dishes or dogs, let loose a smile or a wave. And make a connection. Try it, I promise it won’t hurt a bit.

A Positive Power

The feeling is priceless. It creates in that connective moment a feel-good feeling in both the connector and the connectee. The giver becomes the receiver and vice-versa. And here in Malibu I’ve shared that connection at one time or another with Matthew McConaughey- Shirley McLaine (didn’t even recognize her)-Barbra Streisand -Charlie Sheen (a sweetheart) – and even Ben Stein. The more you get in the habit of Connectivity the better you’ll feel. And the more comfortable you’ll be in making those vital career and business connections which might turn out to be the mainstay of your success.

By the way, one of those strangers I waved to and shared a smile with one day on my way up the mountain, turned out to be Veera Mahajan, the Publisher/Owner of Malibu Chronicle, All Good News.

And here I am!

Have a wonderful holiday season and a year filled with ‘CONNECTIVITY’.



The Lady On The Mountain

Hermine Hilton - mindwear malibu -  America's Memory Motivator

Hermine Hilton, one of America’s most popular speakers, is the author of several books on memory including “The Executive Memory Guide” (Simon&Schuster)“50 Ways To A Better Memory”, and her latest book titled “Fuhhgeddaboutit!” (How To Stop Worrying About Your Memory). You may have heard her on Radio or seen her on Television with David Letterman; Charlie Rose; Matt Lauer; Bryant Gumbel or a host of others. She is the creator of Sonik Memory and the memory motivator for the Fortune Five Hundred companies from Nordstrom to NASA, and is known internationally from the Netherlands to Nigeria, Turkey to Thailand, Italy to Israel, and almost all other points on the planet. (She is also known as ‘The Lady On The Mountain’ to those of you in Malibu who drive Corral Canyou.)





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