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The Soul Lives On

Last Saturday ‪‎night‬ I had to go to an event where a ‪‎family‬ was ‪‎remembering their ‪‎young‬ daughter’s untimely ‪‎death‬ caused by a angry ‪‎driver 5 years ago‬.  They have used their ‪‎sorrow‬ to form a ‪‎foundation‬ in her name, ‪‎Emily‬ ‪‎Shane‬, to serve many other ‪children‬.  They were celebrating all the children they have been able to help through this foundation. I attended the party to ‪support‬ them and their ‪cause,‬ and to ‪honor‬ Emily Shane.

Because I was going to a celebration, I wanted to ‪dress‬ up.  I wanted to acknowledge the Shane family’s courage and good will, Veera- and learn from them. They have turned their sorrow into a ‪happy‬ ‪‎occasion‬ for other children.  I’m glad I went, but when I returned home I realized how exhausted I was. On the surface I looked okay, but I could only think about how life has to go on. Just days before, I had returned from Michigan after cremating my father. Here I was, returning from a party only days after saying good bye to my father. So, I took a selfie as I was resting pensively. I posted it on Facebook and got a lot of likes.  Most of these FB friends did not know what I was thinking when I took this selfie, what I was trying to capture in that moment.

DaddyOn a normal party day I love to dress up, but it was different and difficult that night because of my loss, my grief. My dad had been sick for a while. He had been going back and forth from nursing home to hospital for several years. The last few months were especially difficult.  My dad had given up. He did not want to put in the effort to get better. April 30th, 2015 he gave up and left his physical body.

At the time of physical death, Life‬ doesn’t ‪‎end‬, we just ‪‎leave‬ the tired body. My dad was tired and weak, and he did the same. I believe his Soul lives on! I am happy that he is free!



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