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There is No Place Like Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital

b Dr. Hughes & Dr. Miller

 by JC Cadena

Dr. Miller established Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in 1958. His vision was to create a place where veterinarians could share ideas and support each other while providing the best in veterinary care. He believed the knowledge base of a group of veterinarians was always better than just one. The hospital is now one of the largest veterinary practices in Southern California because of his vision.

When the hospital was established there were few people living in the Conejo Valley, but there were many animals. There were cattle, sheep and horses on the many ranches that sprawled  across the valley. There were dogs, cats and other family pets living in new suburbs being created for families. There were the exotic animals; elephants, tigers, lions and monkeys, too. Many were housed at the theme park, Jungle Land, but many movie and circus animals were housed on compounds in the area. Conejo Valley was a unique place in the world to practice veterinary medicine.

The power of the team and rich history are what have set Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital apart from the others A Dr. Lookingbillthroughout the years. Dr. Hughes, the newest owner of the hospital, has taken on the legacy and is carrying on the vision. He recently moved the hospital into a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Thousand Oaks and continues to practice compassionate veterinary care with the latest technology such as endoscopy, ultrasound and digital x-rays.

Since a young age, Dr. Hughes was naturally drawn to animals. He remembers Happy, his snake, and shared with me how his grandmother would never go into the house because of Happy. He also told me about his dog, Sparky, “We had him for 12-13 years. I remember coming home from college, and he was crippled and couldn’t walk. We had to put him to sleep. Sparky had crippling arthritis due to hip dysplasia.” He continued, “Now we have medications that can help add two, three years to their lives.”   This is why there is no place like Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital for your loved pet. Kindness begins with Dr. Hughes and translates to the entire practice of over 100 employees.

conejo front desk aFor the past 3 years, Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital has had emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  “Our level of patient care has increased exponentially now that we have a doctor on premises during the night,” said Dr. Hughes. “Now we do not have to be concerned with transporting a critical patient to a different location during after hours. The emergency doctor can access medical records electronically which avoids repeating expensive tests,” he added.  This gives clients peace of mind knowing that there is a doctor present in case a problem arises.

The new hospital is a certified feline friendly practice with feline only exam-room and ward. The rooms are quiet, away from barking dogs and have pheromone vaporizers allowing sick felines to heal with minimal stress. There is a cat adoption room in the facility. Dr. Stephanie Lipp, Dr. Hughes’ wife, runs it and rescues kittens from animal shelters.

They have added a new service – a dog resort and daycare. Doggy day care has worked out great for owners that have a dog needing more exercise and for dogs that have separation anxiety. “It is amazing how calm a dog can get after socializing with other dogs for the day,” says Dr. Hughes. They also have cage-free and kennel boarding.

Less than a year at the new location, the hospital is already running in 5th gear.  But Dr. Hughes doesn’t want to stop there. His vision is to always be looking at new ways of improving patient care & client service.

Enjoy a stress-free date night by dropping off your four-legged friend at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital

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