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The Realm of the Warrior

by Jon Geiger
exercise for loveThe greatest barrier, and the greatest opportunity, for everything we are about to enter in exists in the same word; assumptions.  Assumptions of what we can and cannot do, assumptions of what we think we know, assumptions of how to do things to get a perceived result, assumptions of how things should progress if they’re on track, assumptions of what things feel like or look like if they are going wrong, assumptions of what our roles are and the limitations thereof.
Assumptions can create us, confound us, limit us or set us free.
We are here to begin at the ground floor, and what I ask of you is to INCINERATE all assumptions and begin an experience anew.
If you don’t feel that you are now where you wish to end up, we must create an entirely new playing field for the mind and body to get to a different place.
If you have the courage to enter the unknown and to be without judgment; setting your ego aside, and being prideful of how you approach your endeavors – not worrying if you look good or look bad, if you perform well or perform poorly, if you look silly or if you look hot.
If you are able to focus.  Just like a blacksmith focuses on the iron, like a cobbler focuses on the shoe, you will now enter malibu training fun summer positive thinkingan area that is the realm of the warrior, that is the realm of the samurai, that is the realm of all great artisans.   You will inherit and embody the attitude of the craftsman; knowing that everything is towards that for which you have passion. To do that you need to begin anew, and destroy all previously held assumptions, tearing down the old house, to build a palace in its place.
If you are there; Jon will guide you, stand beside you, and push you onward…with No Limits.
GeigerLogo-2Our MC Fitness consultant – Jon Geiger is the founder of “Geiger’s No Limits”, a company which specializes in unleashing the potential of young athletes and performers through creative approaches in Mental and Physical conditioning. He also has over two decades of achieving such results with adults.
Jon works throughout the region and can be reached at:

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