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This Side of Forever


This Side Of Forever

by Noel Philpot

Time to win the game.

Nothing remains of yesterday, only a half forgotten memory, only unreality.  Today is real, tangible and immediate. Embracing this moment now is the key to mental health and well-being, as well as access to an inner storehouse of unlimited Knowledge. Allow yourself to sit back, let go and just BE. Be aware of the feeling of being alive to this moment, like a child discovering the colors of new life. Be aware of the ecstasy of Nature and the symphony she plays for us all the time.

In this moment, should you so choose, you can accept and surrender to the experience at hand. Allow yourself to be Healed by the breath of Life. Allow yourself to receive Love from the Heart.

Fulfillment comes from acceptance. Accepting a Higher Love not governed by yesterday or tomorrow. A Love, which fulfills all Earthly, dreams. Today is a wonderful Gift to be unwrapped with a childlike enthusiasm for the joy that creates Love for Its planetary creations. Embrace Unconditional experience.

“The Tao Loves and nourishes all things”

Allow Life to bring you fulfillment. This day is full of Gifts from Nature. This day is the First and only day of Unlimited Love, the Love that seeks to lavish itself upon us all without reservation. We are being given great strength and courage. The courage to BE a reflection of Love’s rhapsody. A Love, which is not attached to the shadows of former Loves. A Love, which is omnipresent and omniscient. A Love that knows how to fulfill us completely, and loosen our grip on the worry, fear and all those emotions which keep us from experiencing the Paradise that Earth wants to create for us.

Surrender all intention, desires and aspirations to be anywhere other than here. Walk softly through the dark woods, not even stirring a leaf.  Allow yourself time out to surrender to your inner self. Ignore all the thoughts, and receive the frequency of Bliss from within. Your body will heal the great divide and access unlimited Love. The body knows best. As they say do not let the mind rule, for the mind is a very careless driver.

We are all Gods and Goddesses. If we choose to be. The Master Creator has placed these choices inside all of us. We all have an escape hatch. We all have a door that leads us all to the Heart of creation. We are all from the same source.  We can all activate our cells to reveal ancient powers of renewal, and Eternal vitality. We can all go beyond the Illusion of suffering and death, by becoming Aware of Eternal Power right now. The power that makes itself so freely available to us when we relinquish the Mind’s reins of control.  Look within. Breathe deeply for twenty minutes, and feel all the knots and chains of the mind begin to dissipate.

It is our right as co-creators of our own destiny, to live in peace with ourselves first and foremost, and subsequently with the World. There is a source of Peace within which is so profound, that It instantly confers the feeling of absolute peace if we choose.

Letting go and allowing ourselves to BE, relinquishes an enormous amount of misplaced priorities. The result is that the energy spent from oscillating between the past and future is released, and immediately begins healing the wounds of the mind. It is Time to let go of speculation procrastination, need, want and all the myriad concepts that keep the mind in constant frantic flux. Letting the Universe take over our game is the cause of mental and physical healing from within. “Physician heal yourself”.

Whatever you come across let it BE. The Earth is renewing itself from within. The vibratory frequencies and old paradigms of living are being dissipated. The ship of consciousness is unfurling its sails, the tide is turning. Surrender to Life, Liberty and absolute happiness. In this precious moment, breathe the breath of Love right now.

Master of Bliss

At the age of 62 after a lifetime of digging in the subconscious I finally broke free into the formless.

The Sea slipped into the little me. I am Mastered by the Truth,Consciousness and Bliss.

I am sowing the seeds of new opportunity for Creation. My Life is a measure of the Heartbeat of the Infinite.

The Channelings that i put forth are from Source energy, concerning Reality, and New Horizons in consciousness.

I am actualizing Heaven right here, through Poetry,Music and prose to reflect the Nature of True Consciousness and joy.

It is not nor has it ever been my purview to put forward advice on how to deal with the ever changing illusions of the 3D world.

I am surrendered to the will of Father/Mother God and Reality understanding.

For me my life is complete in this moment

“I have no future nor past”.
I am here upon this Earth to make each moment last (Forever)

Unconditional Love Noel.


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