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To Catch A Star

In Honor of Augusta

by Hermine Hilton


That was my mother’s name. To be ‘august’  means to inspire awe; to be imposing; to be worthy of to catch a starrespect and venerable, and my mother, Augusta, (regardless of the fact many called her Gus) was surely all that……and more.

I began writing poems and lyrics for my mom from the time I was very young, and I never stopped, and she loved them all. She even loved the one I wrote for a project with the late Marvin Hamlisch which involved robbing the Bank of England. It was called “Gus and Me.”

But, no matter how many times throughout the years that I presented her with words to pay her homage, I believe her very favorite was one of my very first ………….



When all my hopes begin to crumble

When all the world seems black as tar,

And on a tear I seem to stumble

Then show me how to catch a star. 

When life brings little understanding

When all my dreams seem so afar,

And all my prayers to dust are landing

Then show me how to catch a star.  

When I can overcome a sadness

When defeat will fail to cause a scar,

And through the haze I find a gladness

Then I’ll know how to catch a star.  

By showing me the way to living

A path that darkness cannot mar,

And teaching me the prize of giving

You’ve shown me how to catch a star.


I love you, mom, and you’re always with me.


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