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Turn Off the Smoking Signal in Your Brain

Californians seem more aware than most of the world that smoking can lead to an unhealthy old age or a premature death; it suffocates our skin and ages us faster.  Yet some individuals remain hooked.  Is it possible to reverse this chemical dependency??  They say it is easier to give up other drugs than nicotine.
Acupuncture has a good track record for ridding both of these poisons from our bodies!  It is an effective treatment for any kind of chemical dependency–creamy desserts, cigarettes or cocaine! Along with herbs and massage, special tuning points on the ear can be stimulated because the ear is the computer touch screen for the brain, an external outcropping through which we can REPROGRAM the BRAIN CENTERS for APPETITE CONTROL, METABOLISM, PAIN, DEPRESSION, and ADDICTION.

The major ear point for this is Shen Men or “Door of the Spirit,” a point that can ”open our spirit” or emotional
smoking earcenter.  Acupuncture restores the normal release of ENDORPHINS, the pleasure chemicals produced by the body. There are a hundred endorphin receptor sites in every one of our seventy trillion cells, and when endorphins plug in correctly, they give us an open-ended potential for wellbeing.  Endorphins respond to varying stimulants in life, both healthy and unhealthy. Often we hear of a “runner’s high.” But in the case of a smoker or even a “foodaholic,” these chemicals get “commandeered” and become dependent on ”the fix” (of nicotine, drugs, alcohol, or sugar) in order to be released.
However, when certain acupuncture points are stimulated, the endorphins can get freed up to be released normally, so that the patient begins to feel a sense of deep relaxation.  He/she loses that nervous build-up that triggers the need for a cigarette. The vicious cycle of chemical addiction is over.
Acupuncture also helps DETOXIFY tars and nicotine.  Patients often report “feeling like a new person.” In my own practice, I verbally induce an expansive THETA WAVE state for relaxation and deprogramming, which brings heightened receptivity and a profound hypnotic reintegration: the cellular memory of deep sensory peace. Through breathing exercises, we feel alpha and theta waves throughout the body, and get to experience the pleasurable sensation of our actual physical make-up:  our liquidy, airy protoplasmic molecules.
Without this reprogramming, former smokers will often still crave cigarettes years later, since in many cases their endorphins never normalized.  So it is important to induce a deep state where NEURO-TRANSMITTERS such as DOPAMINE and SEROTONIN are also increased.  In that way, the “reward” or “consolation” of smoking, alcohol, or overeating is totally neutralized and its need is erased from the brain and nervous system.
Now, no more need for that humiliating banishment to the sidewalk for a fix. You are in control, enjoying definite financial savings, while your pleasure centers are functioning normally. The body and mind feel clear, up-beat, and free of dependency!
Kathleen Rosenblatt, L.Ac., Ph.D. 310-470-4557

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