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Visual Effects of Tooth Loss

 by Dr. Saj Jivraj

Loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth can have tremendous effects on an individual’s visual appearance. This is because tooth loss can alter the shape and look of the patient’s face as well as neck due to the deterioration of the jaw. People with missing teeth tend to have a sunken-in appearance on their face. It is for this reason and others that people tend to search for treatment with smileteeth, perfect smile, malibudental implants.

According to several dental researchers, people who lose most of their teeth find a loss of height in their face resulting in the patient’s face appearing droopy and unattractive. That means, suddenly, a person who otherwise looked appealing starts looking older than his or her age. Likewise, with multiple missing teeth, a patient can find immediate changes of his facial structures. Why does this happen exactly?

According to one medical study, teeth in the mouth are naturally designed to fill the face and enable people to chew food and smile.

If missing teeth are not replaced with new implant teeth, the supporting jawbone eventually deteriorates. This is why older people tend to lose the charm on their face, and their jaw lines and chins are transformed southward due to missing teeth.

Furthermore, if a person loses only a specific tooth then that can result in the lost height of his bite. In such cases, the person’s face begins to appear shorter. Likewise, if a person is missing two or more teeth on either side of the face then that specific area of the face starts to look more sunken. These changes are instant and are noticeable as well.

Dental implants at Anacapa Dental Art Institute- A secure solution

woman-smile2In order to prevent yourself from enduring this unwanted visual change due to tooth loss, considering dental implant treatments is a smart solution. Dental implants are titanium made roots that are surgically placed into your jawbone and help to keep your face in the right proportion. Implants also prevent the face from appearing sunken-in and old, as the new implant teeth are permanent and appear much like natural teeth.

Facial changes in older people

Age is indeed a factor when it comes to facial changes in a person. If an older person loses multiple teeth, you can notice changes on his/her face in a short span of time. However, if a younger patient loses teeth, it may take months to notice the sagging and sunken-in look due to tooth loss.

Enhance facial structures and visual appeal with dental implants

Dental implants look, feel, and function exactly like natural teeth once they are placed into the jawbone. These look so original that nobody can differentiate that you ever lost teeth.

When you have a trusted, effective, permanent and promising solution like dental implants, take a step forward to restore your natural beauty that you might have lost due to tooth loss.


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