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Zuma Beach – Where the hills meet the ocean


I always get this exciting feeling when I reach Zuma Beach.  Like that young child feeling, where I could be free to explore and laugh and play all day long.

The adult me, loves the free parking, of course I do recommend going early to avoid traffic and to get the best spot on the beach. In fact I recommend this if you are heading to any of the beaches in Southern California.(Park for free on Westward Beach Road, right off the Pacific Coast Highway.)


At Zuma the hills meet the ocean.  If you feel up to it put on your hiking shoes and head up the hill for another scenic route.

I like to stick to the sand.  Or should I say, the sand sticks to me.  It is so beautiful at the beach, it feels so good on my naked feet.  I see miles and miles of ocean so blue.  As a creative being this scene triggers my imagination and boom out goes many cool script ideas.

People at Zuma seem happier than any other beach around.  Visit Zuma its a creativity pleaser.  



Zuma Beach 30000 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265


article by JC Cadena

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